Luxury Sunglasses. Classic American Design. Handmade in Italy.

About us

Red’s is a US-based purveyor of luxury sunglasses, embodying classic American design, while maintaining Italian, artisanal craftsmanship.

From the beginning, we have been on the constant pursuit for the perfect pair of sunglasses. This has taken us on a journey across the globe in search of superior partners, enabling us to offer a truly premium product of the highest quality, handmade in Italy.

Our frames are produced from luxury-grade, eco-friendly Italian materials, giving each pair the durability, fit, weight and feel, impossible to find in most other eyewear brands. Red's are handmade in the foothills of the Alps, in the same place as some of the world's most coveted luxury brands, by skilled artisans whose methods are steeped in tradition, precision and beauty.   

At Red’s, our never-ending quest is to deliver sunglasses of the utmost quality at attainable prices, while channeling our passion for the heart and soul of American culture. Timeless, understated, yet absolutely unmistakable.  


Our history…two University of Georgia roommates founded Red's in 2011, when they were unable to find luxury sunglasses at affordable prices, which also celebrated their American heritage and retained the quality only associated with Italian craftsmanship.

Our logo…honors one of our founders, who passed away unexpectedly when he drowned due to shallow water blackout. He was survived by his loyal dog “Red”.  We donate a portion of our profits to Shallow Water Blackout Prevention, a foundation established in his honor.