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As we gear up for football season, we had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Tavarres King (TK) of the New York Giants. A Georgia native and Georgia Bulldog standout turned NFL wide receiver, and in our humble opinion, the most genuine guy on and off the gridiron, TK (@tavarresking) tells us about the "hard knocks" of training camp, his passion for giving back to the community and what he really wants in life.

Red’s: What pair of Red’s do you never leave home without and why?

TAVARRES KING (TK): My Favorite Pair of Reds Outfitters Sunglasses are the Rankin. Not only are they stylish, look amazing and sit comfortably on my head, but the feel is what got me. The thing I love most about the Rankin is that I can dress them up or down. Now that's Swag. 

Tavarres King New York Giants NFLRed’s: What’s a day in the life like during training camp?

TK: An early morning wake up, about 7am. Then, I head to the facility for some breakfast and body maintenance. Next, we have meetings for a few hours, followed by practice for a few hours, then lunch and more meetings. Then there's a jog thru (light practice), weights, or soft tissue work. After that there's a break and dinner. More meetings follow dinner, and after the final meeting it's back to the hotel for bed check. Wake up the next day and hit repeat.

Now, I made that sound bland to give you the layout. But I left out the random mid-day locker room dance parties, jokes and all the fun that's had. I'm so blessed to be able to work in a highly competitive, high energy, fun environment.

Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.

Red’s: What do you enjoy to do outside of football within the community?

TK: I'm pretty active in the community. I do hospital visits and charity events. I've been doing a lot with the kids. TK love the Kids! I spend a lot of time doing PLAY 60 events, which is awesome because we get to do fun activities with the kids, allowing and encouraging them to get out and be active.

My favorite thing I've done to date was a percentage night with Burberry and No Kid Hungry. That night was amazing because 20% of all the proceeds went to No Kid Hungry. We had a great crowd, a few teammates showed up, and it was just a really special evening all around! Show Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is ending child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. Learn more and donate to help end child hunger.

Red’s: What cornerback do you admire most? What cornerback intimates you most?

TK: There are several corners’ games that I respect. But there are a few that I get to compete with on a daily basis – DRC, Jack Rabbit, and Eli Apple. I am fortunate to compete and go head-to-head with these guys everyday, because they truly make all of our wideouts and me better. As iron sharpens iron… 

Tavarres King Georgia FootballRed’s Two-minute drill with Tavarres King…

What’s your most memorable moment on the field? Scoring my first career Touchdown in an extremely historic place, "Lambeau Field", during a big moment in the NFC wildcard game.
Best time you’ve ever had in Athens? It's tough to generalize one moment out of a million great times I've had in Athens. But let's be clear, there is nothing like a Saturday between the Hedges. 
What’s your go to song to listen to during pre-game warm-ups? It changes as music comes out; I listen to a wide variety of music but right now I'm banging that "21 Savage: Bank Account."

Who’s your favorite athlete of all time? The GOAT! Michael Jordan. 

Describe your most embarrassing on camera moment? In 2013 playing in Denver, I caught a slant pass; then, spun back outside, ran up the sideline and got knocked out of bounds, but kept my feet. That is, until I got to the concrete… My cleats and the concrete weren't on the same page and I busted it! I look up and I'm over there by the cheerleaders, so I guess I didn't take too much of an L. 

What’s your favorite place to relax? My favorite place to relax would have to be my man cave. But for true relaxation, the Dominican Republic.

What gets you out of bed every morning? I want to be the best Tavarres I can be. I want to be a champion. Not just on the field, but in life as well. I like success. It means everything to me to be a powerful positive presence for my family and loved ones.

Red's: We got to tell you...Red's loves TK.

Tavarres King New York Giants wearing Red's aviators and signature hat

(TK rocks Red's Iceman Aviators and Signature Hat)

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